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Welcome to The H&H Company of Rochester, LLC

Virtual Project Tours


View our interactive REMODELING & NEW CONSTRUCTION projects gallery of home inventory designed and built by H&H Company of Rochester. We are a custom design/build home contractor serving Rochester and SE Minnesota.

A picture says a 1000 words, we are hoping this virtual presentation leaves you at least a few choice ones!!!



Rural Design/Build 

Custom Home Remodel Tour

Virtual Remodel
Project Tour EXTERIOR #1


This project sets in a rural SE Minnesota farm location and with proper planning the end projects interior matches its location with a charm and extraordinary not your typical farm house feel... ENJOY!

Virtual Remodel
Project Tour INTERIOR #1


In the process of a custom home remodel projects at H&H Company of Rochester we typically meet with the homeowner on location to best serve you in your custom home remodeling experience.

Redmodeling Story

The challenge with most remodeling projects is living in it! So one of the main goals is always to stage it to suite the individuals situation if living through the design / build remodeling process. In this case it was just that. "Live in Remodel", literally.

The inspiration came from years of experience by H&H Company and the photos presented to Jerry for ideas. Once a realistic design was formulated the project was carefully planned and calculated as to what stages were first. Then the inevitable. With a remodel things happen... look what we found in the tear out sometimes can be suprising and an element of suprise should always be calculated and at least mentioned in any remodel that an unsure measure of what to expect at tear out can show up at this time.

The key is communication. Best before, during, and of course after the remodel to help process go smoothly. Hope you enjpy the feature and maybe even gain some insight, or ideas from Jerry and the H&H Company of Rochester, a custom home design build contracting business serving all of SE Minnesota...

Stay Tuned for FULL FEATURE



Executive Design/Build 


Project Tour #2


In the process of newly constructed custom home design build projects at H&H Company of Rochester the homes are typically presold and vary in style and size. To best serve you in your custom home building experience we first suggest a on-site evaluation.


This project below was set with proper planning in a wooded hilltop building site for enjoyment of a getaway feel with amenities of the city... ENJOY!

Executive Design/Build 

Custom Home Tour

Project Tour #2 CONTINUED...


In the process of new construction of custom home design build projects at H&H Company of Rochester you will notice the details from the planning stages through to the clean work site during the entire building process.

See how with a great deal of planning this wooded hilltop home turned out. The homeowners enjoy a lifestyle of privacy with the convenience of nearby city life...

Custom Home Design Build Story

This hilltop experience first began with the on-site evaluation. Upon arriving on the thick cedar woodland site we knew immediately with the elevation the original proposed desire of the homeowner for a two story with a walk-out basement was a reality.


After much timber clearing and a little planning the elevations were set and a hole dug for the foundation. The slope into the drive and the garage level was seamlessly perfect. Now! Like any new construction project we are at the mercy of "Mother Nature" and much is to be taken into consideration with timing and perfect conditions. H & H Company of Rochester is meticulous at planning and having the right subcontractors lined up for your job to go smoothly...

Stay Tuned for FULL FEATURE


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